Saturday, 24 June 2017


TEN BAD HABITS to break in order to achieve the success you deserve:

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1. The habit of spending all your time and energy on your To Do list and none of it envisioning the life and career you want.

2. The habit of believing other people when they tell you “You can’t be what you want to be!” or “You can’t do that — you don’t have the talent/brains/experience for it.”

3. The habit of keeping your mouth shut when you really want to speak — because you’re afraid someone else might not like what you have to say.

4. The habit of choosing the “safe” course of action over the courageous, righteous one.

5. The habit of doing a lot of things passably — versus doing a few things really, really well.

6. The habit of avoiding big changes because making changes can feel uncomfortable or scary.

7. The habit of falling asleep on your job and losing touch with the outside world, yourself, and your dreams.

8. The habit of judging yourself and others.

9. The habit of failing to set boundaries — with your boss, your co-workers, your clients, your family and your friends.

10. The habit of putting other people first and putting yourself last.

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